Rights of the Purchaser on the software "”

If you (henceforth referred to as the "Purchaser") purchase our software "" from the seller "Paddle", you will be granted the following rights of use:

(1) The software (program and online user manual) is legally protected.The Purchaser is only entitled to use the program to process his own files in his own company for his own purposes. In doing so, the Purchaser is entitled to duplicate the software for use on a computer. The permitted acts of reproduction include the installation on a data carrier of the computer which, within the framework of a communication network, also includes the multiple transfer of the software in whole or in part from this data carrier to the working storage and subsequently to the CPU and graphics card of the computer. The Purchaser shall be granted the necessary powers for this as a simple right of use, including the debugging right.

(2) The Purchaser may create the backup copies of the programs required for safe operation. The backup copies must be stored securely and, as far as technically possible, be marked with the copyright notice of the online transferred version of the software. Copyright notices, trademarks and product labels may not be deleted, changed or suppressed. Copies that are no longer required must be deleted or destroyed. The user manual and other documents provided by the seller may only be copied for internal purposes.