Latest updates and news

Minor release - v0.18.6

28 September 2021

  • Allow exporting as PDF/X-4.
  • Transparency group created RGB space in CMYK context.
  • Allow page size height to be auto as well as max/min-height properties.

Minor release - v0.18.4

20 September 2021

  • Attribute selector inside @media fails.
  • Div by zero error if data:// image is not loaded correctly.
  • CSS - Support ex units.
  • Snft font - Error while loading empty string from name table.
  • CSS - !important flag should overwrite inline styles.
  • Flex - Negative margin on flex-item not computed considered.
  • CSS - Hide hidden input fields by default.
  • CSS - Allow auto for page size height.

Release - v0.18.0

1 September 2021

We have update the layout system so each layout (flow, grid, flex, etc) is not dependent directly on other layouts. This should however not affect your application unless you have done any deep customization. now supports PDF object streams and will save PDFs as version 1.6 by default. Object streams allow to further compress the PDF. This is quite useful as we started supporting tagged PDFs since version 1.6 and those objects may increase the filesize a bit. Placing those object in one bucket and compressing them will decrease the file further.

Minor release - v0.17.6

27 August 2021

  • QR Code - Allow custom encoding.

PHP 7.2

24 August 2021

All things must come to an end. The official PHP7.2 support ended December 2020. We have continued supporting PHP 7.2 as it was not a big issue for us, but the release of PHP8.1 is coming soon.

Since we heavily rely on PHPUnit which does not support PHP 7.2 anymore so we decided that version 0.18.0 will be the last release officially supporting PHP 7.2. Future releases will most likely still work with it, however we will drop it from our CI pipeline and composer json and therefore will not run any automated tests anymore.

Having said that, we will of cause continue supporting PHP 7.3 till the end of its life (Dec 2021) while we will also get ready for PHP 8.1.

Minor release - v0.17.5

21 August 2021

  • Japanese KATAKANA script not rendered correctly.

Minor release - v0.17.4

28 July 2021

  • CSS - Nested @import resolved using wrong base url.
  • Flex layout - improve performance by caching measured sizes.
  • Don't crash on empty font src uri.
  • SVG - Polygon path fails when path is not trimmed

Minor release - v0.17.3

21 July 2021

  • URLResolver now logs all exceptions and appends them to the final issue list.
  • Table modulation of incorrect tables is moved from the layout to a separate pre-layout process.
  • Minimum width computed falsely for nested intrinsic blocks.
  • Table layout - Allow column width as percentage.

Minor release - v0.17.2

4 June 2021

  • Add support for the hr-element
  • A forced named page break, should continue with the named page after a nested page-break.

Minor release - v0.17.1

3 May 2021

  • Allow absolute position inside grid layouts.
  • Decode URLs first for data:base64 encoded urls.

Version 0.17.0 - Inline SVG

24 April 2021

Version 0.17 is out. Now supporting inline SVG graphics. More...

Blog: Create a Swiss QR-Bill

3 May 2021

We have created a simple QR-Bill template you can use for free.


Version 0.17.0 - Inline SVG

24 April 2021

Version 0.17 is out. Now supporting inline SVG graphics. More...

Render QR codes

7 April 2021

Version 0.16.8 is out. Together with the qr-code-element extension you can now easily create QR-codes on the fly. Try it out.

Version 0.16.3 is out

21 February 2021

Minor release fixing some issues and missing table row background. More...

Version 0.16.0, first release of 2021 is out

10 February 2021

This release will support PDF tags which is an requirement for producing for PDF/A1-A and PDF/UA standards.

Please Note; PDF/UA is not something that can be done automatically, it involves the author of a document to provide well structured documents (well placed h1, tables and scope definitions, alt tags, etc). We will provide a guid with more information soon. To get started best practice is to follow the guidelines for any html website and use tools like as Adobe Acrobat or PDF Accessibility Checker to verify your PDFs. More...

Version 0.15.0 is out

21 December 2020

Our last planned release for this year. Supporting box-shadows and currentColor keyword. More...

Version 0.14.3 is out

17 November 2020

Better SVG image support, plus you can now include other PDFs as image. More...

Version 0.14.0 is out

9 November 2020

We are continuously improving our codebase. This release addresses minor issues and adds better support for PDF/A-1b. You can also now sign PDfs (adbe.pkcs7.detached) More...

Version 0.13.0 is out

21 October 2020

Another release focusing on code quality. We have introduced psalm to our pipeline. With the upcoming release of PhpStorm 2020.3, we want to start supporting the new doc-comment syntax. More...

leader() support with v0.12.1

7 October 2020

Now supporting content: leader(...) which is quite a nice feature for generating table of contents (TOC) pages. See our demo.

Version 0.12.0 is out

2 October 2020

A new release is out. It fixes many issues and a lot of refactoring of the code has been done, so while there aren’t many new features, it works better than ever. More...

Grid layout with version 0.11.0

9 September 2020

We have been quiet last month, but we have been working hard and are happy to release the first version that supports grid layouts.

This version also comes with basic support for @media rules. More...

Released version 0.10.0

24 July 2020

This release fixes a few layout and performance issues and also adds support for some basic form fields. More... is ready for laravel 7

20 July 2020

Looking for an easy way to produce PDFs in your Laravel application? We have the solution you need. We have just released a simple Laravel7 wrapper. More here.

<?php Route::get('/invoice/print', function () { $invoice = new stdClass(); return typesetsh\pdf('invoice', ['invoice' => $invoice]); }); See more on github

Released version 0.9.0

19 July 2020

This release fixes minor issues, but there is one change that could potential break any implementation that uses the typesetsh\Pdf\Renderer class.

With this release, it’s now easier to parse many documents at once and render them all to one pdf.

Ready for PHP8

16 July 2020

We added PHP8 to our build pipeline and are happy to say that all tests ran without a single failure.
The only minor issue we had was that PHP7 did not have a stable sort. Which caused some tests to fail at first.

Generating PDFs with HTML and CSS

7 July 2020

Here is a quick introduction for web developers on using HTML and CSS to generate PDFs.
It touches upon a few issues specific to print media and how CSS can solve them. Read...

Released version 0.8.1

7 July 2020

A minor release fixing some simple issues that should not cause any breakages. More...

Released version 0.8

1 July 2020

We are happy to announce that version 0.8. now supports (repeating-)?(linear|radial)-gradient() image functions as wall as orphans and widows CSS properties.

Released version 0.7

17 June 2020

Version 0.7 is out. Adds nth-of-type CSS selector. More...

Released version 0.6

11 May 2020

Just released v0.6. No new features, but fixes a bunch of text layout issues. Hope you still enjoy it. More...

Released version 0.5

17 April 2020

Version 0.5 now supports the CSS flex layout model! More...

Released version 0.1.0

17 October 2019

Our first public stable release.

First commit - 26d63d54

16 July 2016

This project seems quite new, but the first code commit was actually done in the summer of 2016. A lot has happened since then!