Latest updates and news

Released version 0.10.0

24 July 2020

This release fixes a few layout and performance issue plus support for some basic form fields. More... is ready for laravel 7

20 July 2020

Looking for an easy way to produce PDFs in your laravel application? We may have the solution you need. We just released a simple laravel7 wrapper.

<?php Route::get('/invoice/print', function () { $invoice = new stdClass(); return typesetsh\pdf('invoice', ['invoice' => $invoice]); }); See more on github

Released version 0.9.0

19 July 2020

This release fixes minor issues, but one change could potential break an implementation that uses the typesetsh\Pdf\Renderer class.

With this release, its now easier to parse many documents and render them all in one pdf.

Ready for PHP8

16 July 2020

We added PHP8 to our build pipline and are happy see that all test run without a failure.
The only minor issue we had was that php7 did not have a stable sort. Which caused some test to fail first.

Generating PDFs with HTML and CSS

7 July 2020

Here is a quick introduction for web developers on using HTML and CSS to generate PDFs.
it briefly focus on a few issues specific to print media and how CSS can solve them. Read...

Released version 0.8.1

7 July 2020

A minor release fixing some simple issues that should not cause any break. More...

Released version 0.8

1 July 2020

We are happy to announce version 0.8. now supports (repeating-)?(linear|radial)-gradient() image functions as wall as orphans and widows css properties.

Released version 0.7

17 June 2020

Version 0.7 is out. Adds nth-of-type css selector. More...

Released version 0.6

11 May 2020

Just released v0.6. No new features, but fixes a bunch off text layout issues. Hope you will still enjoy it. More...

Released version 0.5

17 April 2020

Version 0.5 now support the css flex layout model! More...

Released version 0.1.0

17 October 2019

Our first public stable release.

First commit - 26d63d54

16 July 2016

This project seems quite new, but the first code commit was actual done in summer of 2016. Lot has happened since then.