Release 0.15.0

Date: 21 December 2020

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Most likely the last release for 2020. A lot has happened this year for and we are proud of our work. We hope you can enjoy it as well.

New features

Css color currentColor keyword.

Box-shadow: This one has been on our list for 2020, how ever it turned out to be a tricky one since we are using PHP we can not simple prerender an image and display it as shadow. However, we managed to get shadows working using PDFs shaders which speeds up the generation process and also provides a more vector friendly result. Sadly not all viewer applications support the PDF objects yet that we use.

3d transformation: We added some of the 3d transformation functions. The full perspective control is not yet supported though.

Issue list

The following issues have been resolved:

Breaking changes

The default (and normal) line-height is now 1.1 (not 1.2). We used the same value as Firefox but now switched to the Chrome value as it seems that all other PrintCSS render work with that number. We always recommend to define a line-height.