Release 0.4.0

Date: 2 April 2020

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New features

Support for cmyk() colors (device independent)

Allow internal links using #element-id. Great for creating a table of content.

Support named destinations. ID elements are now listed as named destination so you can open a PDF at a given location using the hash # modifier. e.g. /catalog.pdf#prices

Suppot PDF bookmarks

Suppot @page bleed and marks css property

Refactored flow layout - fixed cases where margins where not 100% as expected.

Improved page border rendering

Improved bidi support - added direction css property and html dir-attribute.

Breaking changes

Absolute positioned elements were not relative to the inner border box.

Margin should work correct now for most cases, make sure your layout looks fine. Remember you can use display: flow-root; to prevent height collapsing vor floating elements.

Issue list

The following issues have been resolved: